Introducing Insudex®

Diabetes Detection


Introducing Insudex®

The first and only point-of-care tests for early detection of type-1 diabetes and LADA
(Latent Autoimmune Diabetes in Adults)

Salient features of Insudex test

10-15 minutes to read from a finger stick or serum sample

Quantitative autoantibody titers obtained with reader

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Who should use Insudex?

Children with suspected classical Type 1 diabetes and their siblings.

Children or adolescents who present with putative Type 2 diabetes, but who may, in fact, have Type 1 diabetes.

Adults suspected of having Type 1 diabetes.

Patients with established or pre (Type 2) diabetes.

Diabetes patients who may have developing or established autoimmune complications.

Pregnant women with putative gestational diabetes who may have undiagnosed Type 1 diabetes.

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Autoantibodies can be present years before clinical symptoms:
a tool for early prediction of risk.